Welsh for beginners

The Welsh language (Cymraeg) pronounced Kamraig dates back to the 6th century, but it was not until the Welsh Language Measure of 2011 that it had official status.

You will see and hear Welsh as you travel around Cardiff, so here are some useful phrases you might find helpful, including ones for us as librarians and conference delegates. Have fun trying these out!

Welsh Pronunciation English
Croeso Croesoh Welcome/Hello
Diolch Dee-olch Thank you
Iechyd Da! Yeh-chid dah Cheers/Good Health
Hwyl Fawr Hoo-il vowr Good Bye
Bore Da Boh-reh dah Good Morning
Prnyhawn Da Prin-houn dah Good Afternoon
Nos Da Nohs Dah Good Night
Caerdydd Cayer-Deeth Cardiff
Llyfrgellydd Llufr-gellith Librarian
Llyfrgellwyr Llufr-gellwir Librarians
Llyfrgell Llufr-gell Library
Gwybodaeth Gwibodaith Information