Special Collection Exhibitions

The Conference this year will feature exhibitions from two unique collections

Royal College of Nursing History BoxDLw-3cfXkAEk7_a

A collection of historical items, sourced from our own archive, donated to or made for this handling collection. The items tell the story of the RCN and give an insight into how nursing has changed (and how it’s still the same!) through pieces of nursing equipment, journal articles and RCN paraphernalia. Everything in the box can be touched, tried on and pages can be turned for a good read!

Cochrane Archivearchie

Archie Cochrane is a familiar name to health librarians world-wide, but you may not know that he spent his career in South Wales and was closely associated with Llandough Hospital, five miles outside Cardiff. The Cochrane Collaboration was named after him, and follows his call for an evidence base for the practice of health care. The Archie Cochrane Library at the hospital houses the Cochrane Archive, a collection of material relating to his personal life and his professional work. Items and photographs from the Archive will be on display during the Conference.

We will be selling copies of his fascinating and colourful autobiography, One Man’s Medicine. This describes formative events including his experiences in POW camps and his subsequent career in epidemiology in the South Wales Valleys.

Price: £14.99. Please note: we regret that we are unable to take card payment. Cash or cheque (sterling) only. If you would like to reserve a copy, please email Rosemary Soper, the Curator of the Archive: soper@cardiff.ac.uk