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Posters, presentation and workshop slides from EAHIL 2018

Keynote Presentations

EAHIL Ayub Khan Keynote slides

EAHIL – Neil Frude Keynote slides



Arts in Health Creative Well (BCUHB )

Assessing the impact of searching fewer databases in rapid reviews

Can we innovate how we measure scientific impact

Cat Museum. A space of public health intervention

Collecting data and stories to demonstrate the impact of a clinical information service challenges and successes

Critical appraisal of search strategies a pragmatic approach

Demonstrating impact – a beginners guide

Demonstrating the value and impact of literature searches conducted for Public Health England (PHE) collecting Impact Stories

Escorting doctors to the dark side Easing the transition into management

Handy tools to better serve library users

How many search results are enough and what can we do about it

Improving Participation and Physical Activity for Survivors of Brain Injury Through a Library Volunteer Program

Improving the precision of search strategies for guideline surveillance

Lux Humana – Bridging Science and Humanities

Making an Impact Enhancing Library Support for Researchers Funded by the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre

Making, Moving, Mutuality

Personalized user training with card sorting in a corporate environment

Producing reliable consumer health information

Reading friends – Reading befriending to combat loneliness and isolation

Showcasing the impact of health libraries in England

Supporting the health and wellbeing of our communities – Torfaen

The HIFA LIS Project Exploring the role of libraries in times of crisis

The potential of painting unlocking Disenfranchised Grief for people living dementia

The public’s challenge to a national treasure

Training and Development in Arts in Health a North Wales perspective

Use of mobile applications for food and activity

Using wellbeing themed stories and poems


A Space Odyssey A workshop on coping with change, and planning for the future

Open access publishing and open access science

Passing on the benchmarking baton

Training and Developent in Arts in Health

Vendor Presentations

Vendor Presentation Ebsco

Vendor presentation Springer Nature