We believe that you are innovators, creators and entrepreneurs. This theme invites you to showcase your talents, by presenting an innovation that you put into practice, or sharing your best methods for working innovatively.

Perhaps you have collaborated successfully with stakeholders we may not traditionally consider as our users? Or do you work on a shoestring and want to find out how to pool ideas with likeminded people or have some practical tips to share with us in 5 minute videos? Have you developed an innovation which needs wider marketing to your peers in our Innovation Station or do you want the opportunity to pitch that idea you think we should be considering in the next 5-10 years and get others to refine it? Are you using open source, Open Access or IT in an innovative way? Is your Library being used creatively with users? This theme could also cover the culture of your library and organisation that allows you to be innovative, and ask whether you think you are doing things differently across Europe. We welcome interactive sessions for any of the areas below, especially in the New ideas area.

We invite you to submit abstracts relating to this theme. Topics could include:

  • Collaborating with others, such as our users, stakeholders, IT professionals, organisations and other library sectors
  • New and innovative ideas or projects; thinking outside of the box
  • Being open: content, research, data
  • Cultures of innovation: who leads, and do European countries have their own cultures?