Arts, Health and Wellbeing

Over recent years there has been a growing understanding of the impact taking part in the arts can have on health and wellbeing. Whether that is in the form of using the arts as a supplement to medicine and care, in order to improve health; by engaging in the arts to promote prevention of disease and build wellbeing; or the use of the arts to improve healthcare environments and benefit staff professional development, there are a number of ways the arts and culture can benefit health.

In this theme we would like to explore some of the following questions;
What ways have artists working in healthcare environments improved the experience of those spaces? Getting involved in the arts provides both social and creative outlets for people who are ill. How does engaging with the arts improving wellbeing?
The arts can also play a part in developing the practice of medicine and the understanding of wellbeing. How have aspects of the arts enhanced the training of health-workers? How does participation in arts activities help them with their work? How can the arts be used to help explore ethical issues in medicine?
Art therapies (drama, music and visual art) have now become an established psychotherapeutic tool used by qualified therapists with clients. What innovations are happening in this area? Arts on Prescription schemes provide arts and creative activities for participants, usually for people experiencing mental health problems and social isolation. What role can medical libraries play in these schemes? How can health librarians contribute to this area, and how do they impact on the health and wellbeing of their users and communities?

We invite you to submit abstracts relating to this theme. Topics could include:

  • Innovation
  • Learning
  • Role of health libraries/librarians
  • Partnerships